Intentionally fostering a culture of play at work may seem counterproductive to some. At Story Play, however, we believe that loving what you do and enjoying the process of doing it leads to increased job satisfaction, better work ethic and ultimately increased talent output.

We’re meticulous about measuring our company’s performance via our operational model’s KPIs. But the culture supporting our growth isn’t built on the type of rigid, inflexible and often stifling employee regulations that define many corporations in Trinidad & Tobago and the larger Caribbean region. Instead, we seek out talent with a clear passion for their field of specialization and strive to create a fun, team sport environment so that even on the toughest, most challenging days we can all still say we love our jobs.

So far, this approach has allowed us to make incredible traction with very limited resources. We’re excited to see how our work culture will grow as our company does. One thing’s for sure though, we will always prioritize play.