A colleague once shared a simple career planning strategy that has stayed with me over the years. “You either follow passion, or people,” he said. “But if you’re lucky you get to follow both.” What I took from his advice was this: Seek out opportunities to work with people who inspire you with their awesome vision and talent. Or look for work that you’re passionate about. If the stars align, you’ll be able to do something you’re excited about with people who make you better.

At Story Play, we strive to integrate this wisdom through our philosophy of play. We believe that loving what you do and enjoying the process of doing it leads to increased job satisfaction, better work ethic and ultimately increased talent output (our KPIs support this). The culture supporting our growth starts with seeking out talent with a clear passion for their field of specialization and thrives on a fun, team sport environment that we work very hard to protect. Our goal is to ensure that even on the toughest, most challenging days we can all still say we love our jobs — and our colleagues. So far, this approach has allowed us to make incredible traction with very limited resources. We’re excited to see how our work culture will grow as our company does.

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