multi-platform impact entertainment 


We’re creative media professionals seeking to make the world a better place, starting with the Caribbean. We’re on a mission to improve lives through entertainment services that celebrate cultural diversity and present positive counter-narratives to tackle global social issues.

Video Curation

We curate videos to connect Caribbean communities to the culture and people they love via SP – an online video destination.

Our goal is to help our audience community discover the best entertainment videos online while building content creators’ audience following to increase their earning capacity. Our curation values include diversity, positivity, cultural preservation and audience representation.

Original Content

We seek to create engaging entertainment to counter violence, crime and gender issues in Caribbean communities.

Our first original series, Big Man Dan: Digital Shorts, is a short-form comedic cartoon. The show’s comedy will be used to model positive social behaviors. Big Man Dan’s social impact elements are being developed with support from ROOTS Foundation, a Trinidad & Tobago (T&T) NGO which has been a catalyst for social change through the preservation and promotion of the oral traditions in T&T for over a decade. Watch the trailer. 

Big Man Dan